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       bup-save - create a new bup backup set


       bup  save  [-r  host:path] <-t|-c|-n name> [-v] [-q] [—smaller=maxsize]


       bup save saves the contents of the given files  or  paths  into  a  new
       backup set and optionally names that backup set.

       Before trying to save files using bup save, you should first update the
       index using bup index.  The reasons for separating the  two  steps  are
       described in the man page for bup-index(1).


              save  the  backup  set  to  the given remote server.  If path is
              omitted, uses the default path on the remote server  (you  still
              need to include the ’:’)

              after  creating the backup set, print out the git tree id of the
              resulting backup.

              after creating the backup set, print out the git  commit  id  of
              the resulting backup.

              after creating the backup set, create a git branch named name so
              that the backup can  be  accessed  using  that  name.   If  name
              already  exists,  the new backup will be considered a descendant
              of the old name.  (Thus, you can continually create  new  backup
              sets  with  the  same  name,  and later view the history of that
              backup set to see how files have changed over time.)

              increase verbosity (can be used more than once).  With  one  -v,
              prints  every directory name as it gets backed up.  With two -v,
              also prints every filename.

              disable progress messages.

              don’t back up files >= maxsize bytes.  You can use this  to  run
              frequent  incremental  backups  of  your  small files, which can
              usually be backed up quickly, and skip  over  large  ones  (like
              virtual machine images) which take longer.  Then you can back up
              the large files less frequently.


             $ bup index -ux /etc
             Indexing: 1981, done.

             $ bup save -r myserver: -n my-pc-backup /etc
             Reading index: 1981, done.
             Saving: 100.00% (998/998k, 1981/1981 files), done.


       bup-index(1), bup-split(1)


       Part of the bup(1) suite.


       Avery Pennarun <>.