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       wwwerrs - httpd log rotation for wwwstat


       wwwerrs [error log name]


       This program reads the httpd error_log logfile (or whatever file is
       given as the single argument) looking for failed requests (bad URLs)
       which include a valid Referer (and thus can be tracked to the origin of
       the reference).  It assumes that the error_log has been enhanced to
       include the referer information (as in NCSA 1.4 and later).

       The output is an HTML file that makes it easy to check references.  The
       script should be edited to discard normal error messages, where normal
       is dependent on your particular server.


       crontab(1), httpd(1m), perl(1), wwwstat(1), splitlog(1), monthly(8),

       More info and the latest version of wwwerrs can be obtained from


       If you have any suggestions, bug reports, fixes, or enhancements,
       please join the <> mailing list by sending e-
       mail with "subscribe" in the subject of the message to the request
       address <>.  The list is archived at
       the above address.

                               18 November 2004                     wwwerrs(8)