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       updatejail  -  is  a  script for rebuilding a chrooted environment made
       with jailer


       updatejail <config.file> <jail identifier>


       updatejail is a  script  which  wipes  out  a  chroot  environment  and
       rebuilds it. By default it leaves the /dev/log device in the chroot, so
       you do not need to restart system logger after updating a jail.


       Do not configure your  daemon  inside  your  jail,  because  updatejail
       script will wipe out all the data inside the jail. If you would like to
       change any setting inside the jail, make the changes  in  the  original
       location  and  then  run updatejail . This makes it possible to place a
       jail even to a ramdisk.


              The configuration file which contains the settings  of  the  new
              chrooted   environment.   For  further  information  see  man  8

       <jail identifier>
              The  identifier  which  specifies  which  jail  will  be   used.
              Identifiers  need to be defined at jailer.conf . This identifier
              has to match the directory name used in the Root location.


       updatejail will not parse the configuration file and determine the Root
       location by itself.

       For updatejail to work the Root location for the jail identifier has to
       end with the name of  the  identifier  itself.  For  example,  if  your
       identifier  is  apache  the  Root  location   in  jailer.conf has to be
       something like /chroots/apache.


       updatejail(8) jailer.conf(5),


       This manual page was written by Péter Höltzl <>.

                               December 4, 2001                      JAILER(8)