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       tinydyndns-conf - sets up a pop-before-dyndns service


       tinydyndns-conf acct logacct dir myip mydomain


       tinydyndns-conf  creates  a service directory dir that runs tinydns(8),
       and a service directory dir/pop that runs a pop3  service  and  updates
       tinydns’ database after a successful login.

       You  can  run  the  services under svscan(8) or runsvdir(8) by creating
       symbolic links in the /service directory:

         ln -s dir /service/dir
         ln -s dir/pop /service/dir-pop

       The service will start within five seconds, and will be restarted  upon
       reboot.  You can use svc(8) to control the service.

       tinydyndns-conf runs

       tinydns-conf acct logacct dir myip

       to set up a DNS publication service.

       tinydyndns-conf  modifies  dir/root/Makefile to not run tinydns-data(8)
       upon normal request.

       tinydyndns-conf arranges for tcpserver(1) to listen on  TCP  port  110,
       and  to  start pop3front-auth(8), cvm-pwfile(8), and after a successful
       login tinydyndns-update(8), and pop3front-maildir(8) upon  connections.

       tinydyndns-conf  creates  a  setpasswd  script  and  a  default  passwd
       database in dir/pop for the use with cvm-pwfile(8).


       tinydyndns-update(8),  tinydyndns-data(8),  tinydns(8),   tcpserver(1),
       pop3front-auth(8), cvm-pwfile(8), pop3front-maildir(8)


       Gerrit Pape <>