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       thotswap  -  change  the  device  in  the SelectBay of a Toshiba laptop
       without rebooting


       thotswap [ -qwzurhv ]


       thotswap is a small daemon that monitors whether  the  SelectBay  on  a
       Toshiba  is  locked.   When  the  SelectBay  is unlocked it attempts to
       remove the device from the IDE bus. On locking the  SelectBay  the  IDE
       bus is rescanned for IDE/ATAPI devices.  This enables SelectBay devices
       to changed without the need for a reboot.

       For some older models that do no support  hot-swapping,  the  SelectBay
       device  can still be changed using warm-swapping. First use the command
       line to unregister the device. Then suspend the laptop  and  place  the
       new  device  into  the  SelectBay.  On resuming use the command line to
       rescan the IDE bus for new devices.


       -q, --quite
              Operate in silent mode without the beeps.

       -w, --wall
              Send messages to the user using wall(1).

       -x, --xmessage
              Send messages to the user using xmessage(1x).

       -u, --unregister
              Try an unregister a device from the IDE bus without  going  into
              daemon mode.

       -r, --rescan
              Rescan  the  IDE  bus  for new devices without going into daemon

       -h, --help
              Display a short help message and exit.

       -v, --version
              Print the version number and exit.


       When a none IDE/ATAPI device is inserted you will  see  error  messages
       saying "WARNING: error rescanning the IDE bus". This just means that no
       IDE/ATAPI device could be found and can be safely ignored.


       This program was written by Jonathan Buzzard  (
       and may be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
       License. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this program.


       svpw(1), hotkey(1x), tpasswd(1), alarm(1), wmtuxtime(1x)

                                22 January 2000