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       ql-hba-snapshot - display specific information of the QLogic HBA.


       ql-hba-snapshot <Host number> [OPTIONS]


       FC HBA Snapshot Utility

       This  utility  displays  the  details of the QLogic HBA attached to the
       system. It uses one of the two  file  systems  for  scanning:  proc  or

       <Host number> | <-a/--all> [optional]

              Provide the <HOST NUMBER> to display the detailed information of
              the HBA.  With no option specified, general information  of  all
              hosts will be displayed.  Ex.  # /usr/sbin/ql-hba-snapshot <Host
              Number> # /usr/sbin/ql-hba-snapshot --procfs <Host Number>  (For

       -h, --help

              Prints  the  help  message.   Ex.   #  /usr/sbin/ql-hba-snapshot

       -hl, --hostlist

              This option displays the list of QLogic hosts  (HBAs)  connected
              to  this  system.   The  <HOST  NUMBER> can be obtained by using
              following command Ex.  # /usr/sbin/ql-hba-snapshot --hostlist

       -p, --parameters

              This option displays the command line  parameters  that  can  be
              passed     to     the     QLogic    HBA    driver.     Ex.     #
              /usr/sbin/ql-hba-snapshot --parameters <Host Number>

       -s, --statistics

              This option displays the statistical information  for  specified
              host.  Stastics  option is only supported in "sysfs" based scan.
              Ex.     #    /usr/sbin/ql-hba-snapshot    --statistics     <Host

       -proc, --procfs

              This  options  forces the the utility to scans information based
              on   "procfs",   instead   of    default    sysfs.     Ex.     #
              /usr/sbin/ql-hba-snapshot --procfs [Other valid option]

       -v, --verbose

              This  enables  verbose display. The detailed information of LUNs
              will be displayed in addition to standard one.  This  option  is
              only  supported  in  sysfs.   Ex.   #  /usr/sbin/ql-hba-snapshot
              --verbose <Host number/-a>


       ql-dynamic-tgt-lun-disc(8),                     ql-lun-state-online(8),

Matthias Schmitz <matthias@sigxcpu.Jul>y 2009                ql-hba-snapshot(8)