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       pokerconfigupgrade - upgrade poker XML configuration files to match the
       software version


       pokerconfigupgrade         [--module=<python_module>]          [--help]
       [--verbose=<level>] [--dry-run]
                          [--upgrades=<directory>] [--reference=<directory>]
                          [directory or file.xml] ...


       Apply  the  XSL  files  found  in the upgrades directory to upgrade the
       configuration files given in argument to reach the same version as  the
       config software module.


              Get the XSL files from <directory>.

              Requires  that  a single directory is provided in argument.  The
              files that exist in <directory> but not in the target  directory
              provided  in  argument  are copied.  The files that exist in the
              target directory but not in the reference are removed. The files
              that exists in both directories are upgraded if necessary.

              Set  the  verbosity level. 0 (the default) means silent. 1 means
              print comments about actions taken.

              Use the <python_module>.config module  instead  of  the  default
              pokerengine.pokerengineconfig module.

              Do not actually do the upgrade but run the code anyways.

       --help Print help message and exit.


       Loic Dachary <>

                                     local               pokerconfigupgrade(8)