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       orphaner - frontend for deborphan


       orphaner [--help|--purge] [deborphan options]


       orphaner is a neat frontend for deborphan displaying a list of orphaned
       packages with dialog or whiptail. Packages may be selected for  removal
       with  apt-get  which is then called to do the work. After removal a new
       list of orphaned packages is gathered from deborphan. The program  ends
       when either ‘Cancel’ is pressed or no package is marked for removal.

       After you removed a package, all new orphaned packages are shown at the
       top of the list separated by +++++ from the old list.

       Orphaner also shows two  additional  buttons:  ‘Simulate’  and  ‘Help’.
       ‘Simulate’ does like its name suggest only a simulation of removing and
       shows the result that would appear after real removing. So you can  see
       the  packages,  which  will become orphaned and you can select them and
       remove all packages with one apt-get call.

       ‘Help’ shows you the status of the package given by dpkg -s.   Caution:
       your selection will be lost.


       --help Print a short help and exit.

              Do not call apt-get, but show apt-get command line instead.

              Call apt-get remove with the --purge option.

       orphaner  accepts  most,  but  not all, options that deborphan accepts.
       These options are passed  to  deborphan  unchanged,  and  described  in
       deborphan’s  manpage.   Options which are not accepted include switches
       to manage the keep file, and switches  to  change  the  output  format.
       Note  that  switches  which  take  an  argument  need  to passed as one
       argument to orphaner.  For instance to only show packages  of  priority
       optional  and less important, you need to use --priority=optional (i.e.
       with the = sign, not with a space).


       deborphan(1), orphaner(8), apt-get(8)