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       ksplice-undo - Undo a Ksplice update that has been applied to the
       running kernel


       ksplice-undo [OPTIONS] KSPLICE_ID


       ksplice-undo takes as input a Ksplice identification tag, as reported
       by ksplice-view(8), and it reverses that update within the running
       binary kernel.


       --debug Reverses the update with debugging output enabled.  Recommended
               only for debugging.

               Sets the location where debugging output should be saved.
               Implies --debug.

               Print only raw error information designed to be machine-
               readable on standard error (standard output is still intended
               to be human-readable).  If ksplice-undo fails due to an error
               from the Ksplice kernel modules, the first line on standard
               error will be a Ksplice abort code (see the Ksplice source code
               for documentation on these codes).  Further lines will vary
               depending on the abort code.  If ksplice-undo fails for any
               other reason, it will output the line "OTHER\n", followed by a
               human-readable failure message, to standard error.


       ksplice-create(8), ksplice-apply(8), ksplice-view(8)


       Please report bugs to <>.


       Jeff Arnold, Anders Kaseorg, and Tim Abbott


       Copyright (C) 2007-2009  Ksplice, Inc.

       This is free software and documentation.  You can redistribute and/or
       modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.