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       ksplice-apply - Apply an on-disk Ksplice update to the running kernel


       ksplice-apply [OPTIONS] {UPDATE_TARBALL | UPDATE_TREE}


       ksplice-apply takes as input a Ksplice update, as generated by
       ksplice-create(8), and it applies the update to the running binary
       kernel.  The update may be supplied in the form of a tarball or an
       unpacked tree.

       The update is required to have been generated for the running kernel’s


       --debug Applies the update with debugging output enabled.  Recommended
               only for debugging.

               Sets the location where debugging output should be saved.
               Implies --debug.

               Applies the update only to those modules which are loaded.  Any
               modules patched by the update that are not loaded are ignored
               (without this option, Ksplice aborts if any modules patched by
               the update are not loaded).

               Print only raw error information designed to be machine-
               readable on standard error (standard output is still intended
               to be human-readable).  If ksplice-apply fails due to an error
               from the Ksplice kernel modules, the first line on standard
               error will be a Ksplice abort code (see the Ksplice source code
               for documentation on these codes).  Further lines will vary
               depending on the abort code.  If ksplice-apply fails for any
               other reason, it will output the line "OTHER\n", followed by a
               human-readable failure message, to standard error.


       ksplice-create(8), ksplice-view(8), ksplice-undo(8)


       Please report bugs to <>.


       Jeff Arnold, Anders Kaseorg, and Tim Abbott


       Copyright (C) 2007-2009  Ksplice, Inc.

       This is free software and documentation.  You can redistribute and/or
       modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.