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       jfs_fscklog  - extract a JFS fsck service log into a file and/or format
       and display the extracted file


       jfs_fscklog [ -d ] [ -e device ] [ -f output.file ] [ -p ] [ -V ]


       jfs_fscklog with option -e device extracts the contents of  either  the
       most  recent  or  immediately prior (specified with option -p) JFS fsck
       service log from the specified device, and writes the output to a file.
       The  file name may be specified with the -f option, or the default file
       name is <pwd>  If the -p option is used, the  default  file
       name is <pwd>fscklog.old.

       jfs_fscklog  with  option  -d  formats and displays the contents of the
       extracted file.

       jfs_fscklog with options -d and -e device extracts and displays the JFS
       fsck service log.


       -d     Format  and display a previously extracted JFS fsck service log.

       -e device
              Extract the JFS fsck service log from device and store it  in  a
              file.   (device  is  the  special file name corresponding to the
              actual device from which the fsck log will  be  extracted  (e.g.
              /dev/hdb1 )).

              Specify  the  file name, overriding the default file name.  When
              used with -e device, specifies the name  of  the  file
              into  which  the JFS fsck log will be extracted.  When used with
              -d, specifies the name of  the  extracted  file  whose
              contents will be formatted and displayed.

     must be 127 characters or less in length.

      will  be  created  in  the  present working directory
              unless it is fully qualified.

       -p     Extract the prior log (as opposed to the most recent log).

       -V     Print version information and  exit  (regardless  of  any  other
              chosen options).


        Extract   the   most   recent   JFS   fsck   log   on  /dev/hda5  into

              jfs_fscklog -e /dev/hda5

       Extract  the   most   recent   JFS   fsck   log   on   /dev/hdb3   into

              jfs_fscklog -e /dev/hdb3 -f /temp/l9651107.log

       Display the JFS fsck log that was extracted into /temp/l9651107.log:

              jfs_fscklog -d -f /temp/l9651107.log

       Extract and display the previous JFS fsck log from /dev/hda8:

              jfs_fscklog -e /dev/hda8 -d -p


       If  you  find a bug in JFS or jfs_fscklog, please report it via the bug
       tracking system ("Report Bugs" section) of the JFS project web site:

       Please send as much pertinent information as  possible,  including  any
       jfs_fscklog  error messages and the complete output of running jfs_fsck
       with the -v option on the JFS device.


       jfs_fsck(8), jfs_mkfs(8), jfs_tune(8), jfs_logdump(8), jfs_debugfs(8)


       Barry Arndt  (

       jfs_fscklog is maintained by IBM.
       See the JFS project web site for more details:

                               October 28, 2002                 jfs_fscklog(8)