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       fence_rackswitch - I/O Fencing agent for RackSaver RackSwitch


       fence_rackswitch [OPTION]...


       fence_rackswitch  is  an  I/O  Fencing agent which can be used with the
       RackSaver  RackSwitch.   It  logs  into  the  RackSwitch  and  boots  a
       specified  plug.   Using the http interface to the RackSwitch should be
       avoided while a GFS cluster  is  running  because  the  connection  may
       interfere with the operation of this agent.

       fence_rackswitch  accepts  options  on the command line as well as from
       stdin.  fenced sends the options through stdin when it execs the agent.
       fence_rackswitch  can  be run by itself with command line options which
       is useful for testing.


       -a IPaddress
              IP address of the switch.

       -h     Print out a help  message  describing  available  options,  then

       -n plug
              The plug number to power cycle.

       -p password
              Password for login.

       -S path
              Full path to an executable to generate the password for login.

       -l username
              Username for login.

       -q     Quiet operation.  Only print out error messages.

       -V     Print out a version message, then exit.


       agent = < param >
              This   option  is  used  by  fence_node(8)  and  is  ignored  by

       ipaddr = < ip >
              IP address of the switch.

       username = < param >
              Username for login.

       password = < param >
              Password for login.

       passwd_script = < param >
              Full path to an executable to generate the password for login.

       port = < param >
              The port (outlet) number to act upon.


       fence(8), fence_node(8)