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       dtc_install_centos  -  bootstrap a CentOS install to use in a chroot or


       dtc_install_centos <install root> <yum environment>


       This shell script is part of the dtc-xen package, generally to be  used
       by  the  dtc  panel  to  install a new a Xen VPS server. This script is
       called by dtc_reinstall_os when the user chooses to install the  CentOS
       operating system.

       How  it  works:  it  generates a temporary yum configuration in the yum
       environment directory, that directs yum to act inside the install  root
       instead  of  in the base system; then it kindly requests yum to install
       the basesystem, centos-release and yum packages onto it.  Yum then uses
       the  configuration to download the required (usually, security-updated)
       packages and then  perform  the  RPM  installation  process  under  the
       install root.

       It  requires  both  RPM  and  yum.   It  does work under Debian (it was
       developed in Ubuntu first).  It should also work on  RPM-based  systems
       without destroying the system-wide RPM and yum configurations.


       <install root>

       Target directory where CentOS will be deployed.  Must exist beforehand.

       <yum environment>

       Directory  where  yum  will  store   the   repository   manifests   and
       configuration.    Will  be  automatically  created.   Cached  RPMs  and
       manifests will be left, as usual, in a directory  var/cache/yum  inside
       the install root.


       dtc_install_centos /root/yum /xen/13

       This  will  setup  the  operating  system  in  /xen/13, with the CentOS
       configuration folder in /root/yum.


       It’s limited to CentOS 5 at the moment.

       It must be run as root.

       Under some circumstances, the  installation  process  itself  may  kill
       processes  running  on the host machine.  The chroot yum does should be
       sufficient to avoid this, but we haven’t been able, yet,  to  ascertain
       why this fails sometimes.




       This documentation describes dtc_install_os version 0.3.1.

       See for updates.