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       checkapoppw - checks APOP password against the file ~/Maildir/.password


       checkapoppw prog


       checkapoppw reads descriptor 3 through end  of  file  and  then  closes
       descriptor  3.   There  must be at most 512 bytes of data before end of

       The information supplied on descriptor 3 is a login name terminated  by
       \0,  a  password  terminated  by  \0, a timestamp terminated by \0, and
       possibly more data.  There are no other restrictions on the form of the
       login name, password, and timestamp.

       If  the  password is unacceptable, checkapoppw exits 1.  If checkapoppw
       is misused, it may instead exit 2.  If there  is  a  temporary  problem
       checking the password, checkapoppw exits 111.

       If the password is acceptable, checkapoppw runs prog.

       prog consists of one or more arguments.

Compatible tools

       There are other tools that offer the same interface as checkapoppw

       Note  that  these  tools  do not follow the getopt interface.  Optional
       features are controlled through (1) the tool name and  (2)  environment

The password database

       checkapoppw  checks  the  APOP password against the content of the file
       Maildir/.password  (not  encrypted)  in  the  user’s   home   directory
       corresponding to the login name.

       Maildir may be overidden through the environment variable $MAILDIR.

Process-state changes

       Before  invoking  prog,  checkapoppw  sets up $USER, $HOME, $SHELL, its
       supplementary groups, its gid, its uid, and its working directory.




       checkpw(8), qmail-popup(8), qmail-pop3d(8)


       This manual page was written by Gerrit Pape <>, for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system.