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       bbmessage.cgi - CGI utility used for proxying Xymon data over HTTP




       bbmessage.cgi(8)  is  the  server-side utility receiving Xymon messages
       sent by the bb(1) utility  over  an  HTTP  transport.  The  bb  utility
       normally  sends data over a dedicated TCP protocol, but it may use HTTP
       to go through proxies or through restrictive firewalls. In  that  case,
       the webserver must have this CGI utility installed, which takes care of
       receiving the message via HTTP, and forwards it to a local Xymon server
       through the normal Xymon transport.

       The  CGI  expects  to  be invoked from an HTTP "POST" request, with the
       POST-data being the status-message.  bbmessage.cgi simply collects  all
       of  the  POST  data,  and  send it off as a message to the Xymon daemon
       running on IP  This  destination  IP  currently  cannot  be

       The CGI will return any output provided by the Xymon daemon back to the
       requestor as the response to the HTTP POST,  so  this  allows  for  all
       normal Xymon commands to work.


       bbmesage.cgi will only send data to a Xymon server through the loopback
       interface, i.e. IP-address

       Access to  the  CGI  should  be  restricted  through  webserver  access
       controls,  since  the CGI provides no authentication at all to validate
       incoming messages.

       If possible, consider using the bbproxy(8) utility instead  for  native
       proxying of Xymon data between networks.


       bb(1), bbproxy(8), xymon(7)