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       im_wrapone, im_wrapmany - easy interface to partial image IO system


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       int im_wrapone( IMAGE *in, IMAGE *out,
           im_wrapone_fn fn, void *a, void *b )
       int im_wrapmany( IMAGE **in, IMAGE *out,
           im_wrapmany_fn fn, void *a, void *b )


       typedef void (*im_wrapone_fn)( void *in, void *out, int n,
           void *a, void *b )
       typedef void (*im_wrapmany_fn)( void **in, void *out, int n,
           void *a, void *b )


       These  functions  provide a simple way to use the VIPS partial image IO
       system, provided  that  your  image  processing  function  involves  no
       coordinate  transformations, that is, that each output PEL depends only
       upon the corresponding PEL(s) in the input image(s).

       You should write your operation as a buffer processing function --- for

           static void
           invert_buffer( unsigned char *in, unsigned char *out,
               int width )
               int x;

               for( x = 0; x < width; x++ )
                   *out++ = 255 - *in++;

       This can now be turned into a full PIO image processing function by:

           invert( IMAGE *in, IMAGE *out )
               if( in->BandFmt != FMTUCHAR ||
                   in->Coding != NOCODING ||
                   in->Bands != 1 ) {
                   im_errormsg( "invert: bad input" );
                   return( -1 );
               if( im_cp_desc( out, in ) )
                   return( -1 );
               if( im_wrapone( in, out,
                   (im_wrapone_fn) invert_buffer, NULL, NULL ) )
               return( 0 );

       im_wrapmany(3)  works  as  im_wrapone(3), but allows many input images.
       All the inputs should be same Xsize and Ysize, but may  vary  in  type.
       The   array   of   input  images  should  be  NULL-terminated,  as  for


       All int-valued functions return zero on success and non-zero on  error.


       National Gallery, 1995


       J. Cupitt - 9/2/95

                                 11 April 1990                     WRAPPERS(3)