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       im_video_v4l1 - various image grabbers


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       int  im_video_v4l1(  IMAGE  *im,  const  char *device, int channel, int
       brightness, int colour, int contrast, int hue, int ngrabs )


       These functions grab single video frames from various devices. Which of
       these functions work depends upon how your VIPS has been configured and
       compiled, and your platform. As a result, they are  far  from  portable
       ... you want a layer on top of these functions.

       im_video_v4l1(3) grabs a frame using Video4Linux. It grabs a 24-bit RGB
       colour image, at the maximum resolution your card allows.

       device should typically be "/dev/video".  channel selects  the  channel
       to  acquire:  usually  0  is TV, and 1 is composite video.  brightness,
       colour, contrast and hue set grab parameters. Each  should  be  in  the
       range  (0  -  32768). 32768 is usually the value you want.  ngrabs sets
       the number of frames the card should average. Higher values are slower,
       but typically less noisy (and slightly softer).


       All functions return 0 on success and -1 on error.

                                 3 March 2001                         VIDEO(3)