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       im_version, im_version_string - return VIPS version info


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       int im_version( int flag )

       const char *im_version_string( void )


       im_version(3)  returns the major version number if flag == 0, the minor
       version number if flag == 1, and the micro version number if flag == 2.

       Major  versions  are  supposed  to  represent very large changes to the
       library, minor versions indicate steady improvements  (with  odd  minor
       versions  indicating  unstable  and undocumented development releases),
       and micro versions indicating bug-fixes.

       im_version_string(3) returns a  static  string  representing  the  vips
       version number, and the date when the library was built.

       The version number always has three parts, separated by ’.’ characters.
       The first part is the major release, the second the minor release  (odd
       minor  values  denote  development  releases),  and the third the micro
       version number.

       The version number and the date are separated by a ’-’ character.

       The value of this string is constructed in ’’.

       A typical value for tthe string might be "7.7.0-Thu Dec 16 18:10:01 GMT


       The function returns 0 on success and non-zero on error.


       National Gallery


       J. Cupitt - 15/12/99

                               15 December 1999                  IM_VERSION(3)