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       im_lrmerge,    im_tbmerge,   im_lrsmerge,   im_tbsmerge,   im_lrmergeb,
       im_tbmergeb - merges two images with a given dx and dy


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       int im_lrmerge( ref, sec, out, dx, dy, mwidth )
       IMAGE *ref, *sec, *out;
       int dx, dy;
       int mwidth;

       int im_tbmerge( ref, sec, out, dx, dy, mwidth )
       IMAGE *ref, *sec, *out;
       int dx, dy;
       int mwidth;


       im_lrmerge() and im_tbmerge()  merge  the  images  held  by  the  image
       descriptors  reference  and  secondary  (ref  and sec) according to the
       values dx and dy. dx and dy give the displacement of  sec  relative  to
       ref.   The  result is written on the image descriptor out.  The program
       carries out a smooth merge using a raised cosine function.   Both  work
       for any image type, including LABPACK.

       The  functions  treat pixels with the value zero as "transparent", that
       is, zero pixels in the overlap area do not  contribute  to  the  merge.
       This makes it possible to join non-rectangular images.

       The  "mwidth"  parameter  limits  the  maximum width (or height) of the
       blend area.  A value of "-1"  means  "unlimited".  All  other  negative
       values are errors.


       Both functions return 0 on success and -1 on error.


       im_lrmosaic(3), im_tbmosaic(3), im_match_linear(3).

                                  13 May 1991                    IM_LRMERGE(3)