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       im_region_create, im_region_free - region creation and destruction


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       REGION *im_region_create( im )
       IMAGE *im;

       int im_region_free( reg )
       REGION *reg;


       These  functions create and destroy regions on images. Regions are used
       for PIO, see accompanying documentation. Regions have type

           typedef struct {
               Rect valid  /* Area of im represented */
               IMAGE *im;  /* im we are defined on */

               ... more fields, all private and used for
               ... housekeeping
           } REGION;

       im_region_create(3) returns a pointer to  a  new  region,  or  NULL  on
       error.   Regions  are made blank, with no input or output possible. See
       im_prepare(3), im_generate(3), im_start_one(3) and IM_REGION_ADDR(3).

       im_region_free(3) frees a region and any resources associated with that
       region.   When  an image is closed, all regions which have been created
       on that image are automatically freed.


       All int-valued functions return zero on success and non-zero on  error.


       National Gallery, 1993


       J. Cupitt - 23/7/93

                                 11 April 1990                   PREDICATES(3)