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       im_debug,  im_printlines  -  print  raw  image data pointed by an image


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       void im_debugim( image )
       IMAGE *image;

       void im_printlines( image )
       IMAGE *image;


       im_debugim(3) prints to the standard error output raw data  pointed  by
       image sequentially.  Data are printed as float numbers and the function
       interprets the input format properly.  If input  is  complex  then  for
       each  pixel the real part followed by the imaginary is printed.  It can
       be used for debugging preferably on small images.  If  input  is  uchar
       then the printed values are integers.

       im_printlines  printes  in  the  standard  error  output the no of line
       followed by CR, followed by the line pixel values.  For each pixel, the
       x location followed by the pixel value(s) is printed.  The location and
       the pixels value(s) are separated by a tab.  Each pixel is printed on a
       separate line.


       N. Dessipris


       N. Dessipris - 22/04/1991

                                 22 April 1991                     IM_DEBUG(3)