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       im_csv2vips,  im_vips2csv - read and write CSV (comma separated values)


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       int im_csv2vips( const char *filename, IMAGE *out )

       int im_vips2csv( IMAGE *in, const char *filename )


       im_csv2vips(3) reads the CSV (comma separated values) data in filename,
       and  writes  the image out in VIPS format. The output image is always 1
       band (monochrome), IM_BANDFMT_DOUBLE.

       The reader is deliberately rather fussy: it will fail if there are  any
       short lines, or if the file is too short. It will ignore lines that are
       too long.

       Read options can be embedded in the filename. The options can be  given
       in any order and are:


       The number of lines to skip at the start of the file. Default zero.


       The  skippable whitespace characters. Default <space> and double quotes
       (").  Whitespace characters are always run together.


       The characters that separate fields. Default  ;,<tab>.  Separators  are
       never run together.


       The  number of lines to read from the file. Default -1, meaning read to
       end of file.

       im_vips2csv(3) writes the VIPS image to the file  as  ascii  text,  one
       line   of   text   per   scanline.   Complex  numbers  are  written  as
       "(real,imaginary)" and will need extra parsing I guess.

       Write options can be embedded in the filename. The options can be given
       in any order and are:


       The  string  to  use  to separate numbers in the output. The default is
       "\t" (tab).


         im_csv2vips( "fred.csv:skip:58,sep:,line:3", out );

       Will read three lines starting at line 59, with space, comma and tab as
       the  allowed  separators.  Note  that  the ’,’ has to be escaped with a

         im_vips2csv fred.jpg fred.csv:sep:

       Convert a jpeg to CSV, separating numbers with tab characters.


       im_read_dmask(3), im_ppm2vips(3)


       Hey, you want this? You have it!

                                 November 2000                       IM_CSV(3)