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       im_concurrency_set,  im_concurrency_get  -  set  and  get the number of
       threads to use for evaluation


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       void im_concurrency_set( int concurrency )
       int im_concurrency_get( void )


       im_concurrency_set(3) and im_concurrency_get(3) set and get the  number
       of parallel threads VIPS should use to calculate pixels.

       A  value  of zero (the default) means to get the number of threads from
       the environment variable IM_CONCURRENCY. If that is not set, the number
       of threads defaults to one.

       Setting  the  number  of  threads  only affects image evaluations which
       start after that point, it will not change the  behaviour  of  existing

       Most  command-line  vips  programs support the --vips-concurrency flag,
       which can also be used to set the concurrency.


       im_get_option_group(3), ‘VIPS manual,’ in accompanying documentation.

                                8 January 2007               IM_CONCURRENCY(3)