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       im_analyze2vips - convert Analyze 7.5 images to VIPS format


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       int im_analyze2vips( const char *filename, IMAGE *out )


       im_analyze2vips(3)  reads the Analyze image in filename, and writes the
       image out in VIPS format. It  can  read  (almost)  any  Analyze  format
       image.  Images  with  more  than two dimensions simply appear as a very
       tall, thin strip. Use im_grid(3) to lay the tiles out as your prefer.

       It reads the old-style 7.5 format, where the header and the image  data
       are  stored  in  separate  files.  You  can give the name of either the
       header  (for  example,  "fred.hdr")  the  image  data   (for   example,
       "fred.img"), or neither (eg.  "fred").

       The  fields  in  the  Analyze  header  appear in the VIPS header with a
       "dsr-" prefix. So the Analyze field  "patient_id",  which  is  part  of
       data_history, may be retrieved with

         im_header_string "dsr-data_history.patient_id" fred.v




       Imperial College 2005

                                 4 August 2005