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       icetDataReplicationGroup -- define data replication.


       #include <GL/ice-t.h>

       void icetDataReplicationGroup(   GLint           size,
                                        const GLint *   processes  );


       IceT  has  the  ability  to  take  advantage  of geometric data that is
       replicated among processes. If a group  of  processes  share  the  same
       geometry  data, then IceT will split the region of the display that the
       data projects onto among the  processes,  thereby  reducing  the  total
       amount of image composition work that needs to be done.

       Each  group  can  be  declared  by calling icetDataReplicationGroup and
       defining the group of processes that share the geometry with the  local
       process.  size  indicates  how  many processes belong to the group, and
       processes is an array of ids of processes that  belong  to  the  group.
       Each   process   that   belongs   to   a  particular  group  must  call
       icetDataReplicationGroup with the exact same list of processes  in  the
       same order.

       You  can  alternately  use icetDataReplicationGroupColor to select data
       replication groups.

       By default, each process belongs to a group of size one containing just
       the local processes (i.e. there is no data replication).


               processes does not contain the local process rank.




       IceT  assumes  that  icetDataReplicationGroup  is called with the exact
       same parameters on all processes belonging to a given group.  Likewise,
       IceT  also  assumes that all processes have called icetBoundingVertices
       or icetBoundingBox with the exact  same  parameters  on  all  processes
       belonging  to  a  given  group.  These  requirements  are  not strictly
       enforced, but failing to do so may cause some of the geometry to not be


       Copyright (C)2003 Sandia Corporation

       Under the terms of Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000, there is a non-exclusive
       license for use of this work by or on behalf of  the  U.S.  Government.
       Redistribution  and  use  in  source  and binary forms, with or without
       modification, are permitted provided that this Notice and any statement
       of authorship are reproduced on all copies.

See Also

       icetDataReplicationGroupColor(3),                      icetDrawFunc(3),
       icetBoundingVertices(3), icetBoundingBox(3)

IceT Reference                  April 20, 2006     icetDataReplicationGroup(3)