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       icetAddTile -- add a tile to the logical display.


       #include <GL/ice-t.h>

       int icetAddTile(   GLint     x,
                          GLint     y,
                          GLsizei   width,
                          GLsizei   height,
                          int       display_rank  );


       Adds  a  tile  to  the  tiled  display. Every process, whether actually
       displaying a tile or not, must declare the tiles  in  the  display  and
       which  processes drive them with icetResetTiles and icetAddTile.  Thus,
       each process calls icetAddTile once for each tile in the  display,  and
       all processes must declare them in the same order.

       The parameters x, y, width, and height define the tiles viewport in the
       logical global display much in  the  same  way  glViewport  declares  a
       region  in a physical display.  IceT places no limits on the extents of
       the logical global display.  That is, there are no limits on the values
       of  x  and y.  They can extend as far as they want in both the positive
       and negative directions.

       IceT will project its images onto the  region  of  the  logical  global
       display  that just covers all of the tiles. Therefore, shifting all the
       tiles in the logical global display by the same  amount  will  have  no
       real overall effect.

       The display_rank parameter identifies the rank of the process that will
       be displaying the given tile. It is assumed  that  the  output  of  the
       rendering  window of the given process is projected onto the space in a
       tiled display given by x, y, width, and height.  Each tile must have  a
       valid  rank  (between  0 and $ICET_NUM_PROCESSES - 1$). Furthermore, no
       process may be displaying more than one tile.

Return Value

       Returns the index of the tile created.


               Raised  if  display_rank  is  not  a  valid  process  rank   or
              display_rank  is already assigned to another tile. If this error
              is raised, nothing is done and -1 is returned.




       icetAddTile will let you add tiles of different sizes, but the  use  of
       different sized tiles is not yet supported. The user should try to make
       sure that all tiles are of the same size.

       All processes must specify the same tiles in the same order. IceT  will
       assume this even though it is not explicitly detected or enforced.


       Copyright (C)2003 Sandia Corporation

       Under the terms of Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000, there is a non-exclusive
       license for use of this work by or on behalf of  the  U.S.  Government.
       Redistribution  and  use  in  source  and binary forms, with or without
       modification, are permitted provided that this Notice and any statement
       of authorship are reproduced on all copies.

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IceT Reference                 December  1, 2006                icetAddTile(3)