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       hdf_set_valuef  - Set the value of a named node


       #include <util/neo_hdf.h>

       NEOERR* hdf_set_valuef (HDF *hdf, const char *fmt, ...)


       hdf -> the pointer to the hdf dataset
       fmt -> the name=value printf(3) format string


       hdf_set_valuef is a convenience function that wraps hdf_set_value.  Due
       to limitations of C, the fmt is in the format  "name=value",  where  we
       will  first  format  the  entire string, and then break it at the first
       (from the left) equal sign (=) and use the left portion as the name and
       the  right portion as the value.  This function is somewhat inefficient
       in that it first allocates the full name=value, and then  the  call  to
       hdf_set_value  duplicates  the  value  portion,  and  then  we free the
       name=value.  Currently, we don’t  strip  whitespace  from  the  key  or
       value.   In  the  future,  this function might work more like reading a
       single line of an HDF string  or  file,  allowing  for  attributes  and
       symlinks to be specified...  maybe.




       hdf_set_symlink(3),         hdf_get_valuef(3),         compareFunc)(3),
       hdf_dump_str(3),    hdf_get_int_value(3),    hdf_read_string_ignore(3),
       hdf_copy(3),   hdf_get_node(3),   hdf_set_value(3),   hdf_obj_child(3),
       hdf_read_string(3),      hdf_set_buf(3),      hdf_register_fileload(3),
       hdf_get_obj(3),  hdf_get_attr(3),  hdf_obj_top(3),  hdf_dump_format(3),
       hdf_destroy(3),  hdf_init(3),  hdf_obj_value(3),   hdf_write_string(3),
       hdf_set_valuevf(3),      hdf_sort_obj(3),     hdf_write_file_atomic(3),
       hdf_obj_attr(3), hdf_set_valuef(3), hdf_get_copy(3), hdf_write_file(3),
       hdf_get_valuevf(3),          hdf_set_int_value(3),         hdf_dump(3),
       hdf_get_value(3), hdf_set_copy(3), hdf_obj_next(3), hdf_search_path(3),
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