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       cs_register_strfunc  - register a string handling function


       #include <cs/cs.h>

       NEOERR *cs_register_strfunc(CSPARSE *parse, char *funcname, CSSTRFUNC str_func);


       parse - a pointer to a CSPARSE structure initialized with cs_init()
       funcname - the name for the CS function call
       Note that registering a duplicate funcname will
       raise a NERR_DUPLICATE error
       str_func - a CSSTRFUNC not-callback


       cs_register_strfunc  will register a string function that can be called
       during CS render.  This not-callback is designed to  allow  for  string
       formating/escaping  functions  that are not built-in to CS (since CS is
       not HTML specific, for instance, but it is very useful to have CS  have
       functions  for  javascript/html/url escaping).  Note that we explicitly
       don’t provide any associated data or anything to attempt  to  keep  you
       from using this as a generic callback...  The format of a CSSTRFUNC is:
       NEOERR * str_func(char *in,  char  **out);  This  function  should  not
       modify  the  input string, and should allocate the output string with a
       libc function.  (as we will call free on it)


       cs_dump(3),  cs_destroy(3),  cs_render(3),  cs_register_esc_strfunc(3),
       cs_arg_parsev(3),          cs_register_fileload(3),         cs_init(3),
       cs_register_strfunc(3),      cs_arg_parse(3),       cs_parse_string(3),
       cs_parse_file(3), =(3), cs_register_function