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       PS_findfont — Loads a font


       #include <pslib.h>

       int   PS_findfont(PSDoc   *psdoc,  const  char  *fontname,  const  char
       *encoding, int embed)


       Loads a font for later use. Before text is output with a loaded font it
       must  be  set  with  PS_setfont(3).  This function needs the adobe font
       metric file in order to calculate the space used up by the  characters.
       A  font  which  is  loaded within a page will only be available on that
       page. Fonts which are to be used in the complete  document  has  to  be
       loaded   before   the   first   call   of   PS_begin_page(3).   Calling
       PS_findfont(3) between pages will make  that  font  available  for  all
       following pages.

       PS_findfont will try to load the file passed in the parameter encoding.
       Encoding files are of the same syntax as those used by  dvips(1).  They
       contain a font encoding vector (which is currently not used but must be
       present) and a list of extra ligatures to extend the list of  ligatures
       derived from the afm file.

       encoding  can  be  NULL  or  the  empty  string if the default encoding
       (TeXBase1) schall be used.

       If the encoding is set to ‘builtin’ then there will  be  no  reencoding
       and  the  font specific encoding will be used. This is very useful with
       symbol fonts.

       All files will first be searched in the current directory and  than  in
       the directories set by the parameter ‘SearchPath‘.


       Returns  the  identifier  of the font or zero in case of an error.  The
       identifier is a positiv number.


       PS_setfont(3), PS_begin_page(3)


       This manual page was written by Uwe Steinmann <>.