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txt2pdbdoc(1)                                                    txt2pdbdoc(1)


       txt2pdbdoc - Text to Doc file converter for Palm Pilots


       txt2pdbdoc [-b] [-c] [-v] document-name file.txt file.pdb
       txt2pdbdoc -d [-D] [-v] file.pdb [ file.txt ]
       txt2pdbdoc -V


       txt2pdbdoc  converts  a  plain text file to a Doc(4) file in PDB (Pilot
       Database) format used by all models of the Palm Pilot.   (It  can  also
       convert  a  Doc  file  to  plain  text.)   Resultant  PDB  files can be
       downloaded directly to a Pilot during a HotSync.

       The document-name is used in the Document List view  of  a  Doc  reader
       application on the Pilot.


       -b   Ordinarily,  characters with an ASCII code less than 9 are removed
            and  both  carriage-returns  and  form-feeds  are   converted   to
            newlines.  This option suppresses that behavior.

       -c   Ordinarily,   text   is   compressed.    This   option  suppresses

       -d   Decode the given Doc file to text either to a file or to  standard
            output if no file is specified.

       -D   Do  not  check  the file type/creator of the file to decode.  This
            option should be specified only if you know for sure that the file
            is  in  fact  some sort of Doc file.  Attempting to decode non-Doc
            files will result in undefined behavior and quite possibly  crash.

       -v   Verbose  mode.   For  encoding,  print  progress  and  compression
            statistics per 4K of text to standard error  as  well  as  overall
            statistics  when  completed;  for  decoding,  print  progress in a
            ‘‘countdown’’ style.

       -V   Print the version number of  txt2pdbdoc  to  standard  output  and


       To convert a text file to Doc file:

            txt2pdbdoc ’Through the Looking Glass’ alice.txt alice.pdb


       Exits with one of the values given below:

            0    Success.
            1    Error in command-line options or use.
            2    Unable to open source file.
            3    Unable to open destination file.
            4    Unable to read file.
            5    Unable to write file.
            6    File is not a Doc file.
            7    Doc file uses unknown compression type.


       1.  Document  names are limited to 31 characters in PDB format.  Longer
           names are truncated but have the  29-31st  characters  replaced  by
           ‘‘...’’ to indicate truncation.

       2.  The  command  isn’t  called  ‘‘txt2doc’’  to  avoid confusion about
           possibly having anything to do with Microsoft Word  documents  that
           use the .doc extension.


       html2pdbtxt(1), pdbtxt2html(1), doc(4), pdb(4)


       Paul J. Lucas <>

txt2pdbdoc                     January 21, 2005                  txt2pdbdoc(1)