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       mgf2meta  -  convert  Materials  and  Geometry  Format file to Metafile


       mgf2meta [ -t threshold ] {x|y|z} xmin xmax ymin ymax zmin zmax [ input
       ..  ]


       Mgf2meta converts one or more Materials and Geometry Format (MGF) files
       to a 2-D  orthographic  projection  along  the  selected  axis  in  the
       metafile(1)  graphics format.  All geometry is clipped to the specified
       bounding box, and the resulting orientation is as follows:
            Projection     Orientation
            ==========     ===========
            x         Y-axis right, Z-axis up
            y         Z-axis right, X-axis up
            z         X-axis right, Y-axis up

       If multiple input files are given, the first file prints in black,  the
       second  prints  in  red, the third in green and the fourth in blue.  If
       more than four input files are given, they  cycle  through  the  colors
       again in three other line types:  dashed, dotted and dot-dashed.

       The  -t option may be used to randomly throw out line segments that are
       shorter than the given threshold (given  as  a  fraction  of  the  plot
       width).   Segments  are included with a probability equal to the square
       of the line length over the square of the threshold.  This can  greatly
       reduce  the  number  of lines in the drawing (and therefore improve the
       drawing speed) with only a modest loss in quality.  A typical value for
       this parameter is 0.005.

       All MGF material information is ignored on the input.


       To project two MGF files along the Z-axis and display them under X11:

         mgf2meta z 0 10 0 15 0 9 building1.mgf building2.mgf | x11meta -r

       To  convert  a  RADIANCE  scene  to  a line drawing in RADIANCE picture

         rad2mgf scene.rad | mgf2meta x ‘getbbox -h scene.rad‘  |  meta2tga  |
         ra_t8 -r > scene.hdr


       Greg Ward


       getbbox(1),    meta2bmp(1),   meta2tga(1),   metafile(5),   mgf2rad(1),
       pflip(1), protate(1), psmeta(1), ra_t8(1), rad2mgf(1), x11meta(1)

       MGF web site ""