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       meta2tga - convert metafile to Targa image format


       meta2tga  [ -c | -r ][ -x width ][ -y height ][ -m minrad ][ -o outname
       ] file ..


       Meta2tga reads each metafile file in sequence  and  converts  it  to  a
       compressed,  color-mapped  Targa  file.   The  result  is  sent  to the
       standard output (which must be redirected)  unless  the  -o  option  is
       used.   The  argument to the -o option specifies the base file name, to
       which a page number and ".tga" is added as a suffix.   Note  that  this
       option  must  be present in order to produce more than a single page of

       The default output resolution is 400 by 400, but a different resolution
       can be given with the -x and -y options.

       The -m option can be used to set a minimum value for the line radius in
       pixels.  This may be helpful for  improving  the  readability  of  high
       resolution  output.   The default value is 0, which allows lines of one
       pixel thickness.

       If the option -c is specified, the input files are only conditioned for
       output,  ie.  expanded (see pexpand).  This is useful if many copies of
       the same output is desired.  If the option -r is instead specified, the
       input  is  assumed  already  to  be conditioned.  If no input files are
       specified, the standard input is read.


       To convert the plots  examp1.plt  and  examp2.plt  to  1024x1024  Targa

         bgraph examp1.plt examp2.plt | meta2tga -o examp -x 1024 -y 1024


       see pexpand(1) and psort(1)


       Greg Ward


       bgraph(1),  igraph(1),  meta2bmp(1),  pexpand(1),  psmeta(1), psort(1),