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       mdtool - MonoDevelop Application Runner


       mdtool <applicationId> ...

       mdtool setup ...

       mdtool -q


       mdtool  is  a tool that can execute head-less MonoDevelop applications,
       this can be used for example to do batch compilations without  starting
       up the MonoDevelop GUI.


       applicationId ...
              Runs the specified application.

       -q     Lists available applications.

Available Applications

       The  list  of applications returned by the option -q might be different
       depending on which add-ins are installed.

       gsetup Graphical add-in setup utility.

       build [options] [project-file]
              Project  build  tool.  Use  this  tool  to  build  any  solution
              supported    by    MonoDevelop   (eg.   .mds,   .sln).   If   no
              solution/project is  specified  then  it  will  pull  the  first
              solution it can find in the current directory.  You can use this
              option to build packages in a head-less or batch fashion.

                     -c , --configuration:CONFIGURATION Name of  the  solution
                     configuration to build.

                     -t , --target:TARGET Name of the target: Clean or Build

                     -p , --project:PROJECT Name of the project to build.

       dbgen  Parser database generation tool.

              Project conversion tool.

       IDE    The MonoDevelop IDE.

       generate-makefiles  <solution-file>  [--simple-makefiles]  [-d:default-
              Makefile  generator tool. This can be used to generate makefiles
              from any solution supported by MonoDevelop.

                     --simple-makefiles , -s Generates set of  Makefiles  with
                     the  most common targets, and a configuration script that
                     does a basic check of package dependencies. Default is to
                     generate  Makefile  structure based on Autotools with the
                     standard targets and configuration scripts.

                     -d:default-config Configuration that  the  Makefile  will
                     build  by  default.  Other configurations can be selected
                     via  the  ’--config’  or  ’--enable-*’  option   of   the
                     generated configure script.

       setup command [arg1, .., argn2]
              Runs  the  MonoDevelop add-in setup command.  You must specify a
              command to execute.  If none is provided a list of  commands  is
              Add-in Commands
                     install  (i) [package-name|package-file] Installs an add-
                     in or set of addins. The command argument is  a  list  of
                     files and/or package names. If a package name is provided
                     the  package  will  be  looked  out  in  the   registered
                     repositories.  A specific add-in version can be specified
                     by   appending   it   to.    the   package   name   using

                     uninstall (u) [package-name]
                             Uninstalls an add-in. The command argument is the
                             name of the add-in to uninstall.

                     check-install (ci)
                             Checks if a package is installed. If it  is  not,
                             it  looks  for  the  package  in  the  registered
                             repositories,  and  if  found  the   package   is
                             downloaded  and  installed,  including all needed

                     update (up)
                             Downloads  and  installs  available  updates  for
                             installed add-ins.

                     list (l)
                             Prints a list of all installed add-ins.

                     list-av (la)
                             Prints  a list of add-ins available to install in
                             the registered repositories.

                     list-update (lu)
                             Prints a list of available add-in updates in  the
                             registered repositories.
              Repository Commands

                     rep-add (ra) url1 [url2 [url2]]
                             Registers  an add-in repository. Several URLs can
                             be provided.

                     rep-remove (rr) url1 [url2 [url2]]
                             Unregisters an add-in  repository.  Several  URLs
                             can be provided.

                     rep-update (ru)
                             Updates  the  lists  of  addins  available in all
                             registered repositories.

                     rep-list (rl)
                             Shows a list of all registered repositories.
              Add-in Registry Commands:

                     reg-update (rgu)
                             Looks  for  changes  in  add-in  directories  and
                             updates  the registry.  New add-ins will be added
                             and deleted add-ins will be removed.

                     reg-build (rgu)

                     info [filename|package-name]
                             Prints information about an add-in.
              Packaging Commands

                     rep-build (rb) path
                             Scans the provided directory and generates a  set
                             of  index  files  with  entries  for  all  add-in
                             packages  found  in  the  directory   tree.   The
                             resulting  file structure is an add-in repository
                             that can be published in a web site or  a  shared

                     pack (p) file-path
                             Creates  an  add-in  package  (.mpack file) which
                             includes all files needed to  deploy  an  add-in.
                             The command parameter is the path to the add-in’s
                             configuration file.

                     help (h) [command]
                             Shows help for the given command
              Debug Commands:

                             Prints  the  contents  of  a  registry  file  for


       monodevelop(1), mono(1), mcs(1)


       Copyright (C) 2007 Novell, Inc (


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