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       mb-applet-launcher - an application launcher panel applet


       mb-applet-launcher [options] [action] image_file application


       mb-applet-launcher is a panel applet which can be used to start a given
       application. The applet displays the PNG  or  XPM  file  given  on  the
       command  line  as  an  icon,  and  when the user clicks on the icon the
       application is started.

       Matchbox is a base environment for the X Window System running on  non-
       desktop embedded platforms such as handhelds, set-top boxes, kiosks and
       anything else for  which  screen  space,  input  mechanisms  or  system
       resources are limited.


       -display display
              X display to connect to

       --title title

              Disable any animations

       --start, -s
              Start application immediately

       The  default  action  is to iconize/uniconize the selected application.
       Other actions can be specified as command-line options:

       --kill, -k
              Destroy the application

       --respawn, -l
              Respawn multiple instances of the application

       --message, -m
              Display output from the application as a message from the panel

       Alternatively, a valid .desktop file can be given:

       --desktop .desktop_file
              Any  actions given with this option will have no effect. Similar
              behaviour can be achieved by including  a  ‘SingleInstance=True’
              key pair in the .desktop file.


       mb-applet-launcher was written by Matthew Allum <>.

                                  Jul 17 2004            mb-applet-launcher(1)