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       matchpoint - next generation control point generator


       matchpoint [options] image1.jpg output.key


       MatchPoint  is a next generation CP generator. The result of a GSoC2007
       project SoC2007_project_Feature_Descriptor. Currently  it  offers  only
       keypoint detection but not matching (matching was part of other GSoC 07
       project that was not carried out) and can currently be used only  as  a
       replacement for generatekeys from autopano-sift or autopano-sift-C.

       A  current version of matchpoint can be obtained via the hugin project.

       Goal of this MatchPoint is to create a  complete  control  point  suite
       that will be used by hugin as a replacement(or at least an alternative)
       to existing autopano suites.

       If you want to use MatchPoint in  the  process  of  creating  panoramic
       images now (when not all features are implemented) you will have to use
       autopano-sift also.

       // first extract features from the first image and output them  to  the
       MatchPoint image1.jpg image1.key

       // for second image:
       MatchPoint image2.jpg image2.key

       // match features from the two generated files using autopano:
       autopano project.pto image1.key image2.key

       // open the project file in hugin:
       hugin project.pto


       -v     verbose output

       -t     generate  keypoint  file  for  matlab  test  suite(file  name is
              generated using formula: image1.jpg.key)


       autopano(1), autopano-sift-c(1).


       matchpoint was written by Zoran Mesec.

       This  manual  page  was   generated   by   reformating   content   from  by Andreas Metzler for the Debian
       project (and may be used by others).

                                  2009-06-18                     matchpoint(1)