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       luajit - Just-In-Time Compiler for the Lua Language


       luajit [options]... [script [args]...]



       This is the command-line program to run Lua programs with LuaJIT.

       LuaJIT  is  a  just-in-time  (JIT)  compiler for the Lua language.  The
       virtual machine (VM) is based on a fast  interpreter  combined  with  a
       trace  compiler.  It  can  significantly improve the performance of Lua

       LuaJIT is API- and ABI-compatible with the VM of the  standard  Lua 5.1
       interpreter.  When  embedding  the  VM  into  an application, the built
       library can be used as a drop-in replacement.


       -e chunk
              Run the given chunk of Lua code.

       -l library
              Load the named library, just like require("library").

       -j command
              Perform LuaJIT control command (optional space after -j).

              Control LuaJIT optimizations.

       -i     Run in interactive mode.

       -v     Show LuaJIT version.

       --     Stop processing options.

       -      Read script from stdin instead.

       After all  options  are  processed,  the  given  script  is  run.   The
       arguments are passed in the global arg table.

       Interactive  mode  is  only  entered,  if no script and no -e option is
       given. Interactive mode can be left with EOF (Ctrl-Z).


       luajit hello.lua world

              Prints "Hello world", assuming hello.lua contains:
                print("Hello", arg[1])

       luajit -e "local x=0; for i=1,1e9 do x=x+i end; print(x)"

              Calculates the sum of the numbers from 1 to 1000000000.
              And finishes in a reasonable amount of time, too.

       luajit -jv -e "for i=1,10 do for j=1,10 do for k=1,100 do end end end"

              Runs some nested loops and shows the resulting traces.


       LuaJIT is Copyright © 2005-2010 Mike Pall.
       LuaJIT is open source software, released under the MIT/X license.


       More details in the provided HTML docs or at:
       More about the Lua language can be found at: