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       lqtplay - simple quicktime movie player for X11.


       lqtplay [ options ] file


       lqtplay  just  plays  the given quicktime movie in a window on your X11
       display.   Sound  is  played  using  a  OSS  dsp  device  or  Alsa  (if
       available).   Some info about the movie and some other stuff is printed
       on stderr.  No fancy GUI.  The only interactive element is that you can
       resize the window, and lqtplay will adapt the video size if support for
       hardware-scaled video is available.

       lqtplay comes with libquicktime  and  uses  libquicktime  to  read  and
       decode  the  movies.  It is a sample application and intentionally kept
       simple.  If you want a full-featured  media  player,  have  a  look  at


       -noxv  Don’t  use  the  Xvideo extension for accelerated video playback
              (YUV->RGB color space conversion + video scaling in hardware).

       -nogl  Don’t use OpenGL (via GLX  extension)  for  video  scaling.   By
              default  lqtplay tries to use 3D textures to scale RGB frames in
              hardware if DRI is available.

              Don’t use Alsa for audio output.  By default lqtplay  uses  Alsa
              if it was available at compile time.

       The usual toolkit options (like -geometry) are accepted too.


       Gerd Knorr <>

                              (c) 2002 Gerd Knorr                   lqtplay(1)