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       ledcontrol - set LED states


       ledcontrol [OPTIONS] COMMAND...


       Ledcontrol  is  both the name of the ledcontrol package and a script in
       it. This section deals with the ledcontrol package in general; the rest
       of the man page with the script.

       Ledcontrol  is a package which allows you to show arbitrary information
       on the normally-unused keyboard LEDs. It is fully  scriptable,  so  you
       can  show  any TRUE/FALSE condition accessible or indicate an arbitrary
       value. It supports blinking LEDs with priority levels  and  animations.
       The LEDs not used function as normal.

       Ledcontrol works both in X and on a text console.

       Ledcontrol consists of the following pieces:

       ledd   The  LED  daemon.   ledd must be running when the other programs
              are used. On startup, it executes  programs  and/or  scripts  to
              tell  it how to set the LEDs. It is configured in ledd.conf (see
              ledd(8) and ledd.conf(5)).
              The default script  to  start  on  startup.  It  should  not  be
              executed  by  the user. It is configured in ledcontrol.conf (see
     and ledcontrol.conf(5)).

              A script that gives commands directly to ledd. Can be used  from
              the  command  line  to  set  the  LED states (documented in this

       gled   A graphical front-end for ledcontrol made using GTK+. Useful for
              testing commands and experimenting (see gled(1)).


       ledcontrol  can  be  used  to  set  the  LED states of ledd(8) from the
       command  line  or  scripts.  It  searches  the   default   (or   given)
       configuration  file for pipefile parameters and chooses a suitable pipe
       through which to give ledd the  command.   The  following  options  are

       -h, --help
              Show short help message.

       -v, -V, --version
              Show version information.

       -c FILE, --config FILE
              Read  configuration  file  FILE  for  pipefile commands. Several
              files may be given by repeating the option. Disables reading  of
              default configuration file.

       -p FILE, --pipe FILE
              Add  FILE to the list of pipes to choose from. Several pipes may
              be given by repeating the option. Disables  reading  of  default
              configuration file.

       For a description of COMMAND, consult ledd(8) section COMMANDS.


       Ledcontrol  and  all  its  pieces (including the script ledcontrol) are
       distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


              default configuration file for ledd


       ledd(8), ledd.conf(5), gled(1),, ledcontrol.conf(5)


       Ledcontrol was written by Sampo Niskanen  <>.  You
       can     get     the     latest     version     of    ledcontrol    from