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       gled - graphical frontend for ledcontrol




       gled  is  part  of  the  ledcontrol  package,  which allows you to show
       arbitrary information  on  the  normally-unused  keyboard  LEDs.   gled
       functions  as a graphical front-end for ledcontrol(1) allowing users to
       easily test different commands. Its use should be quite  intuitive  and
       most text labels include tooltips to help you get along.


       The  different  commands  available  in  ledd  will not be explained in
       detail here, see ledd(8) for details on them. This section covers  some
       of the functionality common to all command types.

       The tabs
              By  choosing  different tabs on the top of the window you choose
              what kind of command you want to give.

       LEDs to use
              Here you can choose on what LEDs the command will be tested  on.
              The  highest  priority  level  (9)  is  always used. This is not
              applicable for animations.

       Current command
              The text entry on the bottom always shows the  current  command.
              You can also write or paste a command into it, whence it will be
              parsed. If  the  current  command  is  incomplete  or  otherwise
              invalid,  the  text Bad command will appear at the bottom of the

       Test   Clicking  on  Test  will   set   the   current   command   using
              ledcontrol(1).  Only applicable if command is valid.

       Auto   When   Auto   is  toggled  the  command  will  be  written  with
              ledcontrol(1) every time a change is made in the UI.

       Try it. Experiment with it. Have fun.


       Ledcontrol and all its pieces (including gled)  are  distributed  under
       the GNU General Public License (GPL).


       ledcontrol(1), ledd(8), ledd.conf(5),


       Ledcontrol  was  written by Sampo Niskanen <>. You
       can    get    the     latest     version     of     ledcontrol     from


       The  animation  piece  doesn’t support looping animations yet. It might
       also be a bit more user-friendly.