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       ldns-walk - Retrieve the contents of a DNSSEC signed zone


       ldns-walk [ OPTION ] ZONE


       ldns-walk is used to retrieve the contents of a DNSSEC signed zone.  It
       does this through NSEC-walking (following the chain  of  NSEC  records)
       and ’guessing’ the next non-existent owner name for each NSEC.

       Note that it might get stuck on some wildcard records when used through
       a caching forwarder. This problem can be circumvented by  querying  the
       authoritative nameserver directly (with the @ argument).

       Of course the nameserver that is used must be DNSSEC-aware.


       -f     Do  a ’full’ zone walk; by default, ldns-walk will only show the
              names, and types present at  those  names.  If  this  option  is
              given, all resource records will be printed.

       -s name
              Start  the walk with this owner name. Useful when continuing the
              walk for a large zone.

       @ nameserver
              Send the queries to this nameserver.


       The full zone walk function is not complete yet, it does not  correctly
       print delegation records


       Written by Jelte Jansen as an example for ldns usage.


       Report bugs to <>.


       Copyright  (C)  2005  NLnet  Labs.  This  is free software. There is NO
       warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY  or  FITNESS  FOR  A  PARTICULAR

                                  21 Nov 2005                     ldns-walk(1)