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       knewsd - a tiny nntp demon


       knewsd [ options ]


       Knewsd  is  intended to be used with knews(1) to read news (in)directly
       from the spool directory or even from  a  mail  folder  hierarchy.   It
       reads  NNTP commands from standard input and writes replies to standard
       output.  The following commands are implemented:

       ARTICLE [number]
       BODY [number]
       HEAD [number]
              Return the head and/or body of  the  current  or  the  specified
              article.  Message-id lookups are not supported.

       GROUP newsgroup
              Enters the given newsgroup.

              Gives a list of the implemented commands.

       LIST [active | newsgroups]
              Lists the active file or the newsgroups file.

              Changes the current article pointer to the next article

              Post  an  article  via the specified posting agent.  If none has
              been specified, the reply will be ’440 Posting not implemented.’

              Makes knewsd exit.

       STAT number
              Sets the current article pointer.

       XOVER range
              Returns the overview data for the specified range of articles.

       Knewsd  implements  the  ’xover’  command  either by using the overview
       files if present, or  creating  overview  records  on  the  fly,  or  a
       combination  of both if the overview file is incomplete.  In the latter
       case, if the -update flag is given, knewsd  will  update  the  overview


       There  is no need to spell out the entire option name, it is sufficient
       to give a unique prefix, such as -a for -active.

       -spool directory
              This is the spool directory.  It must be  specified,  either  at
              compile time or at run time.

       -active file
              This  is  the active file containing the newsgroups and the high
              and low article counts.  If this is not specifed, knews must  be
              told not to try to read the active file.

       -newsgroups file
              This  is  the newsgroups file containing the group descriptions.
              It’s entirely optional.

       -overview dir
              This can be used if the overview files  reside  in  a  different
              directory hierarchy than the spool directory.

              If  this  is  set,  knewsd  will  (try to) update any incomplete
              overview files it encounters.  Not a good idea if you’re reading
              a system wide spool directory.

       -postingagent agent
              If  this  is  set, the ’agent’ will be used to post articles.  A
              possible agent is ’exec inews -h’.  This command is  interpreted
              by  the  shell,  and it is important that it is exec’ed, so that
              knewsd may kill it on  a  broken  pipe  to  prevent  posting  of
              duplicate or truncated articles.  Knewsd will warn about this on


       This software is Copyright 1995, 1996 by Karl-Johan Johnsson.


       knews(1), inews(1)