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       keyanalyze - Web of Trust analysis


       keyanalyze [ -h1 ] [ -i infile ] [ -o outdir ]


       keyanalyze  analyses the web of trust within a group of keys.  It takes
       preprocessed keys as input (see process_keys(1)) and produces an output
       directory full of statistics about the keys.

       Usually called like
        $ pgpring -S -k ./keyring.gpg | process_keys > preprocess.keys
        $ keyanalyze


       -i infile
              Read from infile instead of preprocess.keys.

       -o outdir
              Put  the  results  in  outdir instead of output/.  The directory
              will be created if it does not already exist.

       -h     Print help.

       -1     Per default, keyanalyze writes the  output  into  subdirectories
              named after the first two characters of the key ID. This options
              disables this; useful for small keyrings.


       M. Drew Streib <>,
       Thomas Roessler <>,
       Hal J. Burch <>,
       Matt Kraai <>,
       Steve Langasek <>,
       Matthew Wilcox <>