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       Jajuk - advanced jukebox and music organizer


       Jajuk  is software that organizes and plays music. Jajuk is designed to
       be intuitive, fast and  provide  multiple  ways  to  perform  the  same
       operation.  It  is a fully-featured application geared towards advanced
       users with very large or scattered music collections.


       * Digital DJ: Let Jajuk make your programmation based on your own rules

       * Ambience management: ask for a soft playlist in two clicks maximum!

       * Configurable cross-fade

       *  Recursive play/repeat/shuffle/push in directories/sub-directories or
       by genre/artist/ albums

       * Best Of smart function to play your favourite tracks

       * Novelties smart function to play your collection newest albums

       * Continue smart function to continue in current album after a  shuffle

       * Push into player queue

       * Planned tracks: forsee your selection

       *  Various  startup  modes:  none,  last  one,  last one keep position,
       specified, shuffle, novelties, bestof

       * Intro from a track position and specified length

       * Shuffle in entire collection

       * Repeat, shuffle, intro, fast forward/rewind, mute...



       This    manual    page    was     written     by     Varun     Hiremath
       <>,  for  the Debian project (but may be used by

                               December 7, 2006                       Jajuk(1)