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       ikiwiki-makerepo - check an ikiwiki srcdir into revision control


       ikiwiki-makerepo git|svn|monotone|darcs|cvs srcdir repository

       ikiwiki-makerepo bzr|mercurial srcdir


       ikiwiki-makerepo  injects  a  srcdir  directory,  containing an ikiwiki
       wiki, into a repository that it creates. The repository can be  created
       using any of a variety of revision control systems.

       Note  that  for  mercurial  and  bzr,  the  srcdir  is converted into a
       repository. There is  no  need  to  have  a  separate  repository  with
       mercurial or bzr.

       For darcs, the master repo's apply hook will be preconfigured to call a
       ikiwiki wrapper.

       Note that for monotone, you  are  assumed  to  already  have  run  "mtn
       genkey" to generate a key.


       ikiwiki-makerepo git /var/www/wiki /home/user/wiki/

       The  above command creates a new git repo in /home/user/wiki as well as
       a new git repo in the /var/www/wiki directory.  It then initializes the
       /home/user/wiki git repo and makes the /var/www/wiki a clone.


       Joey Hess <>