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       hdate - Hebrew date and calendar

       example programs for libhdate, a library that help use Hebrew dates.

       LibHdate  is  a  small  C,C++  library  for Hebrew dates, holidays, and
       reading sequence (parasha). It is  using  the  source  code  from  Amos
       Shapir’s  "hdate"  package fixed and patched by Nadav Har’El. The Torah
       reading sequence is from tables by Zvi Har’El.


       hdate [-sctShHrRjdi]

       [-L longitude -l latitude] [-z timezone]

       [[[day] month] year]/[julian_day]


       Hdate translates the specified date to  the  Hebrew  calendar.   If  no
       arguments are given, it uses today’s date.  ‘month’ is a number between
       1 and 12.

       If the year is greater than 3000 hdate takes the given date as a Hebrew
       date,  and  translates  it  back to the common calendar. If argument is
       greater than 100000 hdate takes it as the Julian  day  number.   Months
       are  numbered  with Tishrey being 1 and Elul 12; Adar I and Adar II are
       months 13 and 14.

       -s : Print sunrise/sunset times.

       -c : Print Shabat enter/leave  times.   Shabat  starts  20  min  before
       sunset, and exits when three stars are out.

       -t : Print day times list.

       first light, talit, sunrise, mid day, sunset, first stars, three stars.

       -S : Print using short format.

       -h : Print holidays.

       -H : Print just holidays.

       -r : Print weekly reading on Saturday.

       -R : Print just weekly reading on Saturday.

       -j : Print Julian day number.

       -d : Use diaspora reading and holidays.

       -i :  Use iCal formatted output.

       -l xx : Set the latitude for solar calculations to

       xx degrees.  Negative values are south.

       -L xx : Set the longitude for solar calculations to

       xx degrees.  *Negative values are EAST*.

       -z : Use specified timezone.

       ( default location for sunrise/set is Tel Aviv ).


       hdate -Hi 2025

       Creates an iCal calendar of the holidays of year 2025.

       hdate -sR 4 2031 -l29 -L-34 -z2

       Print out the weekly readings and  sunset/sunrise  times  in  Eilat  on
       April 2031.

       Useful locations and time zones

       Eilat : 29, -34, 2

       Haifa : 32, -34, 2

       Jerusalem : 31, -35, 2

       Tel Aviv : 32, -34, 2

       Ashdod : 31, -34, 2

       Beer Sheva : 31, -34, 2

       Tiberias : 32, -35, 2

       London : 51, 0, 0

       Paris : 48, -2, 1

       New York : 40, 74, -5

       Moscow : 55, -37, 3


       date(1),    cal(1),    hcal(1),   hebcal(1),   remind(1),   hdate.h(3),


       Yaacov Zamir 2005, text copied from Amos Shapir’s hdate man file.