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       Gnometab - WYSIWYG guitar tablature editor for GNOME2


       gnometab [FILE]


       Gnometab  is  a GNOME2 free-style guitar tablature editor with printing
       capabilities.  Gnometab’s  features  include  copying  and  pasting  of
       tablature  passages,  a  chord  library  (which the user must fill with
       chords), professional-looking rhythm notation (not  perfect  yet),  the
       ability to create a variety of tablature symbols specific to the guitar
       -- bends, slurs (hammer-ons, pull-offs, etc.), etc. -- and, of  course,
       clean-looking  printed output, given any postscript-compatible printer.
       Gnometab does not attempt to be "smart", i.e., it  does  not  know  how
       many  beats  are  in  a measure, nor does it know an E chord from an Am
       chord.  Instead, the emphasis has been on the appearance of the output.


       Choose  a tool from the tool bar, and click on the staff where you want
       that object to be created.  Some objects can be grabbed  and  moved  on
       the  staff;  grab  these  objects  with  the left mouse button.  Right-
       clicking an object selects it and provides a menu for cutting, copying,
       pasting, and deleting.  To select an entire passage of tablature, press
       down the left mouse button over the blank spot between the staffs,  and
       drag  the  rectangle  which appears until it encompasses the passage in
       question.  When you release the mouse  button,  the  items  inside  the
       rectangle are selected, and the popup menu appears.  Choose the desired
       action from the menu.  If you choose Cut or  Copy,  you  can  move  the
       mouse to the target location, right-click, and select Paste.

       To  use  the  chord  library, you must make some chords.  Use the chord
       builder on the toolbar by selecting it as the current  tool,  and  then
       clicking  on  the  staff  where  you wish to create a chord.  The chord
       builder should appear.  The chord builder should work the same  way  as
       the  regular  tablature,  but it doesn’t.  Only two tools are available
       (text and bars), and  right-clicking  on  chord  builder  objects  does
       nothing  (see  the  file  TODO).  To delete a mistake, click the object
       with the middle mouse button.  Bars in the chord builder can be grabbed
       (left  mouse  button) and moved.  To save a chord in the chord library,
       click the "Save" button in the builder before you click "Create".  This
       adds  the  new chord to your chord library.  To select a chord from the
       library, you can use the chord  library  toggle  on  the  toolbar  (far
       right)  to  show  the  chord  library  in the right pane.  Click on the
       desired chord in the library; it should appear highlighted.  Then click
       on  the  staff  where  you  wish  to  create the chord.  The chord then
       appears in the chord builder, and can be edited before it is created on
       the tablature.


       More information is available on the Gnometab website:


       William Guelker <>.

       This manual page was contributed by
       Joachim Breitner <>.

                                  2002 Nov 07                      gnometab(1)