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       gmusicbrowser - Jukebox for large collections of audio files


       gmusicbrowser  [-c]  [-s]  [-demo]  [-ro]  [-rotags]  [-play] [-nodbus]
       [-gst|-nogst] [-server] [-port N] [-C FILE] [-F FIFO|-nofifo]  [-debug]
       [-layout  NAME]  [-load FILE] [-use-gnome-session] [-cmd|-launch_or_cmd

       gmusicbrowser -listcmd

       gmusicbrowser -remotecmd CMD...

       gmusicbrowser -tagedit FOLDER_OR_FILE ...


       This manual page explains the gmusicbrowser program.

       gmusicbrowser can play and manage your songs, currently  supports  mp3,
       ogg, flac, mpc file formats.  see
       for more information.


       -c     don’t check for updated/deleted songs on startup

       -s     don’t scan folders for songs on startup

       -demo  don’t check if current song has been updated/deleted

       -ro    prevent modifying/renaming/deleting song files

              prevent modifying tags of music files

       -play  start playing on startup

       -gst   use gstreamer

       -nogst do not use gstreamer

              do not use DBus

              send playing song to connected icecast client

       -port N
              listen for connection on port N in icecast server mode

       -C FILE
              use FILE as configuration file (instead of ~/.gmusicbroser/tags)

       -F FIFO
              use   FIFO   as  named  pipe  to  receive  commans  (instead  of

              do not use/create named pipe $FIFOFile

       -debug print lots of useless information

       -layout NAME
              use layout NAME for player window

       -load FILE
              Load FILE as a plugin

              Use gnome libraries to  save  tags/settings  on  session  logout
              (needs the Gnome2 perl module).

       -cmd CMD...
              launch gmusicbrowser if not already running, and execute command

       -remotecmd CMD...
              execute command CMD in a running gmusicbrowser

       -launch_or_cmd CMD...
              launch gmusicbrowser if not already running OR  execute  command
              CMD in a running gmusicbrowser

              list the available fifo commands and exit

       -tagedit FOLDER_OR_FILE ...
              Load  songs in FOLDER_OR_FILE and display a dialog to edit their


              contains songs tags and program options

       /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins/, ~/.gmusicbrowser/plugins/
              files with extension .pm in these folders are loaded as  plugins
              on startup

       /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/layouts, ~/.gmusicbrowser/layouts
              contains layouts definitions

              can  be  used  to send commands to a running gmusicbrowser, eg :
              echo CMD >~/.gmusicbrowser/gmusicbrowser.fifo where CMD is  (run
              "gmusicbrowser -listcmd" for an up-to-date list of commands) :

              Skip current song

              choose previously played song

              toggle Play/Pause mode

       Stop   stop playing

       Rewind SEC
              rewind SEC seconds

       Forward SEC
              forward SEC seconds

              open browser window

              hide/show gmusicbrowser windows

       Quit   quit gmusicbrowser

       Save   immediately save settings/song tags in ~/.gmusicbrowser/tags

       ChangeDisplay DISPLAY
              migrate the program to display DISPLAY (example : ":1")



       If you wish to report a bug please use the reportbug(1) command.


       Copyright (c) 2005-2008 Quentin Sculo <>