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       GMPC - Gnome Music Player Client


       gmpc [OPTION]


       GMPC  is a fully featured but still very lightweight gtk client for the
       music player daemon (MPD).

       It provides several different ways to browse your music. Based  on  the
       file system, tags, search and metadata.

       GMPC can show the following types of metadata:

       * Album covers
       * Artist images
       * Lyrics
       * Guitar tabs
       * Album information
       * Artist biography
       * Similar artist * Similar songs

       GMPC  uses plugins to fetch metadata and can be extended using plugins.


              Start fullscreen.

              Start hidden.

              Replace the running session of gmpc.

       --quit Quit the running gmpc

              Start with a specific profile.

       --help Show an overview of the commandline options.

              Make gmpc output debug information

              0 - No output

              1 - Error Messages

              2 - Error and Warning Messages

              3 - All Messages

              Print out debug information from a certain log domain.

              Display version and if possible git revision.

              Use config file <file>

              Cleans up the cover db.

              Don’t load any plugins.

              Show a dialog with useful information for a bug report.



       MPD Website:

       Bug tracker:

       gmpc-remote(1) mpd(1) mpd.conf(5)


       GMPC was written by Qball Cow <>

       Special thanks to all the people that provided feedback and patches

                               February 21, 2010                       gmpc(1)