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       glabels - Label and business card creation program for GNOME


       glabels [OPTIONS] [label-filename...]

       glabels-batch [OPTIONS] [label-filename...]


       glabels is a lightweight program for creating labels and business cards
       for the GNOME desktop environment. It is designed to work with  various
       laser/ink-jet  peel-off label and business card sheets that you’ll find
       at most office supply stores.  glabels is pre-configured with templates
       for  many  of these products.  It also provides an interactive template
       designer for creating new templates according to user specifications.

       For full documentation see the gLabels online help.

       glabels-batch is a command line  utility  to  print  labels  previously
       prepared with glabels.


       -?, --help
              Display a summary of available command-line options.

              Display a short usage summary.

       -v, --version
              Print program version information.

       Options specific to glabels-batch

       -o filename, --output=filename
              Set output filename to filename. (default="")

       -i filename, --input=filename
              Set  name  of file with data to be merged to filename. Typically
              this is a .csv file containing  values  to  be  printed  on  the

       -s n, --sheets=n
              Set number of sheets to n. (default=1)

       -c n, --copies=n
              Set number of copies to n. (default=1)

       -f n, --first=n
              Set   label  on  first  sheet  to  start  printing  from  to  n.

       -l, --outline
              Print outlines  around  labels.   This  is  useful  for  testing
              printer alignment or printing proof sheets.

       -C, --cropmarks
              Print crop marks. Helpful for cutting up sheets.

       -r, --reverse
              Print  mirror  image of labels.  This is useful for clear labels
              intended to be seen from the back through glass.


       The $HOME/.glabels directory contains all user-defined templates.


       The gLabels homepage at <>.


       Jim Evins <>

                                 Jun 28, 2004                       glabels(1)