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       gifovly  -  This  program  takes a multi-image GIF file and generates a
       single GIF consisting of all the images overlayed.  Each image’s screen
       position   is   used.    Thus,  you  can  use  this  together  with  <a
       href="gifpos.html">gifpos to paste together images.


       gifovly [-s TransparentColor] [-h]

       The GIF to be operated is read  in  from  stdin.   The  result  GIF  is
       written to stdout.


       Proportional to the size of the input file.


       [-t num]

               If  this  index  is  given, any pixel in images after the first
              that has this value is not copied.

               Print one line of command line help, similar to Usage above..


       Eric S. Raymond <>

       Man page created by T.Gridel <>, originally  written  by
       Eric S. Raymond <>

                                 giflib-tools                       gifovly(1)